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7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Mercedes Walker


    I’m a Senior Campus Recruiter at Ameriprise Financial and I’m interested in either having the Supply Chain and Operations Club come onsite at Ameriprise in the Fall or If we can have some of our leaders present to this group and talk about the internship and leadership development program opportunities we have available in our Service & Operations department.

    Let me know. Thanks in advanced.

  2. Konrad Jurkiewicz


    My name is Konrad Jurkiewicz, and I am a CSOM Sophomore studying Finance/Supply Chain. I sent in my membership form, but I still need to pay my membership fee! Who should I contact in order to complete my payment?

    Konrad Jurkiewicz

  3. Natalia Velenchenko


    I would like to become a member of the Supply Club!


  4. Emily Thompson


    My name is Emily Thompson and I am currently a Junior at the University of Minnesota. I recently switched my major to Supply Chain Operations and Management and am excited about the opportunities ahead. I heard about the Supply Chain Club through a classmate and am interested in learning more about what membership entails and if there is an application process. I am studying abroad in Toledo, Spain at the moment but if possible would like to join this Spring semester. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response!

    Emily Thompson

  5. Lacey Carlson

    Happy Tuesday!

    I am the recruiter at Coyote Logistics, a third party logistics provider located in downtown Minneapolis, and we are well underway in recruiting for our open full-time sales positions and internship opportunity. We currently have very successful U of M Alumni working both full-time and interns (including Andrew Sprang!) at Coyote, and we would absolutely love to meet some more members of the Supply Chain & Operations club! Please let me know if Coyote would be of interest to your organization and we could set up a time to further discuss networking with your members.

    A little more about us:
    Chicago-based Coyote Logistics, founded in 2006, is a UPS company and leading transportation and logistics service provider that is constantly innovating—a great place to embark on your career. Powered by proprietary technology, smart people, and unrivaled commitment, Coyote is successful because of the company’s “No Excuses” mentality to provide shippers and carriers with the best service in the industry. Our people make our business what it is, which is why Coyote primes its employees for career success with training programs, accessible leadership, and talent development.

    Feel free to check out our website or my LinkedIn to learn more! Feel free to share this with whoever you think might be interested. I look forward to meeting some of you all at the fair on Thursday!

    My best,


  6. Reid Johnson

    Hello Supply Chain Club! I’m curious to know how organizations get involved with your club meetings? It looks like CH Robinson is coming to speak this month and I’d like to know how an employer like Chainalytics (where I work) could potentially do the same. Perhaps there is an opportunity for the Supply Chain club and us to network in the future.


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