What is SCO?

Supply Chain and Operations combines the disciplines of operations, logistics, strategy and MIS. Rather than focusing on any single facet of delivering a product or service to the customer, SC&O covers the entire process, from “the suppliers of your suppliers to the customers of your customers.” A SC&O position may include any or all of the following, depending on the size and complexity of the organization:

  • Choosing and developing suppliers.
  • Designing and implementing systems and processes for improving the customer interface, reducing transaction costs, reducing inventories, and improving service levels.
  • Sourcing materials, components, technologies, and services.
  • Monitoring and managing inventory at all steps of the supply chain.
  • Managing logistics, warehouses, distribution inventories, and service parts.
  • Managing internal operations or service functions.
  • Managing quality and six sigma projects throughout the supply chain.
  • Strategically analyzing the supply chain to increase revenues, improve service, reduce cost, and ultimately improve profit