Executive Board


Matthew Rowley - President

Year: Junior

Majors: Supply Chain/Operations & Marketing

Why Did You Pick Supply Chain?: I chose this major because it is what aligned best with how my mind worked in my everyday life. I am always thinking of new innovative ways to make things more efficient no matter how big or small the issue. This major allowed me to be myself, but also enhance my current skills.

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: The best thing about SCOC is the bond that is created past just the classroom and the major. I have found some of my best friends through this organization.


Joe Krahn - Director of Programming

Year In School: Senior

Major: Supply Chain & Operations Management and Finance

Why Did You Pick Supply Chain?: I grew up going to stores and asking questions about why the stores operated the way they did. I got to the U of M and found out that was an entire career!

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: Large group speakers. That thing you think you understand? There's a company out there that does it differently than the way you understand it. And their way is better.


Max Goldberger- Director of Membership

Year: Junior

Majors: Supply Chain Operations & Marketing

Why Did You Pick Supply Chain?: I have a very process-oriented mind, so looking at the entire process that a product goes through from obtaining raw materials to retail is really interesting to me.

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: The national supply chain case competition


Danny Nick- Director of Finance

Hometown: St Paul Minnesota

Year: Senior

Major: Supply Chain & Operations Management

Why Did You Pick Supply Chain?: There are a lot of different paths that supply chain can provide to their majors.

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: We get to meet with a bunch of different supply chain professionals and the networking is great through the club.


Elena Turbenson - Director of Communications

Year: Junior

Majors: Marketing and Public Nonprofit Management

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: I love the people I have met through the club and the opportunities to meet employees from many different businesses.


Abigail Smits- Director of Membership

Year in School: Junior

Majors: Supply Chain & Operations Management, Entrepreneurial Management

Why Did You Pick Supply Chain?: I loved the organization and thought behind making a business run.

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: The people I have met and learning about how companies run through the speaker events.


Chanelle Logan - Operations Coordinator

Year: Sophomore

Major: Supply Chain & Operations Management

Why Did You Pick Supply Chain?: Supply Chain exists in more places than you might think, giving you endless opportunities for your future career. Supply Chain is a dynamic subject which requires constant problem-solving. The continuous challenge of finding a solution and the nonstop learning is what I value most about this major.

Favorite Thing About SCOC?: Supply Chain and Operations Club exposes you to numerous business professionals from different job functions and industries. It gives you the opportunity to network and build relationships, as well as provide you with various career paths you could follow in the future.

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